Transitions and Setup

06/09/2015 Update:


There is plenty of parking across the street, and by the park, and overflow in the mall across McLoughlin Ave.  The asphalt parking in the park itself is closed (it’s part of the race course).  See here for a map.


  • Information, day-of-race packet pickup, and body marking starts at 6:00 am.
  • Time: Transition opens at 6:00 am.  There is no overnight parking or storage.
  • Location: Entirely on the grass, and just West of the expo area.
  • Bike Placement:  There will be no assigned bike racks.  “First Come First Served”.  You should take up no more than 2′ on the bike rack.
  • Transition in/out: See the Transition area map:  
  • Transition_flow_2014


  •    At the Transition: There will be 8 portapoties available at the transition, and one park restroom with 2 male stalls, and 2 female stalls.
  •    At the Cove Swim Start: There will 2 portapoties available at the Cove Swim Start.

Shoe drop:

  •  [THIS IS IMPORTANT]  The Swim Start is two blocks from the Transition area, down an asphalt road closed to traffic.  Athletes will walk down this road in advance of their release times (7:00am Olympic & Sprint in age group heats 3:00 apart), and the entrance to the water is dirt, so please wear shoes.  A shoe drop will be provided just prior to your entering the water.  These shoes will be returned to the Transition area AFTER THE RACE, and sorted for pick up by heat #.  Don’t wear your racing shoes.