Tri Swim

Updated 06/17/2015

In one of the most unique triathlon swims anywhere, swimmers swim inside the Cove, then out the spillway and down the Clackamas River. Swim a few hundred yards down the river, and exit the Clackamette Park boat ramp.  Volunteers will be in the water to assist you out of the River.  2013-10-25_1340

Unlike a small lake, the Cove and Clackamas River are influenced by river tides, and the volume of water is directly correlated with the snowpack in the mountains.  A wetter winter in 2016 should maintain river levels for the course you see here.

Exiting the Cove into the Clackamas River, you’ll swim through a spillway – a gentle current of water flowing out of the Cove and into the river.  It’s awesome!  See the video here.

You can train in the Cove year round!  The Clackamas Cove is the property of Oregon City, and open year round to the public free of charge.  The Cove is scheduled for development soon, and access to the water will be maintained.  For more details on organized swims at the Cove – often on Wednesday night – please subscribe to our newsletter, or read here about our Wednesday night swims starting in late-may.

Racer notes:

  • In June, the Cove is in the mid-60’s F, and a few degrees lower in the Clackamas River.
  • A wetsuit is highly recommended for comfort, safety, and speed… you’re always faster in a wet suit.
  • This race follows USAT rules, although it is not USAT sanctioned.
    • For a quick refresher on common rules, read here.
    • Flippers are not allowed, but snorkels are.  It’s rare to see snorkels.

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