Discount for Youth


 I did my first triathlon about 30 years ago because someone believed in me.  I know that mastering three disciplines with all the equipment, well… it’s expensive for youth to get involved.

I’m rocking it 30 years ago on my Nishiki and Duegi shoes.

That’s why the Clackamas Cove Triathlon is pleased to announce a 50% discount for registrations for the 18 and under age group.   You get everything that  the adults do, but for 50% less because we believe in YOU.  Come have a great time at our race!

We ask that you do two things do get this discount:

  1. Request the discount by emailing the race director, and he’ll send you a link for 50% off.  He might ask about your ability to swim, because non-swimmers can quickly get themselves in trouble, young or not.
  2. Come to the free Transition Clinic at Clackamette Park sponsored by STRIVE, a youth triathlon training group that wants you to succeed at this very technical sport.  STRIVE will host the training group for youth, and the Portland Triathlon club will host a transition clinic for the adults simultaneously.
    1. WHERE: The Transition Clinic sponsored by STRIVE and the Portland Triathlon Club is at Clackamette Park, Oregon City.
    2. WHEN:  The Saturday prior to the race.  Time TBA.