General Notes:

  • Bike Traffic Control ends at 10:30 am by city order.  After this time, riders must follow the rules of the road.

    You just can't do better than this on a Sunday morning!  Permits pending.

    You just can’t do better than this on a Sunday morning! Permits pending.

  • The course is identical to every other year.
  • There will be a number of police officers, volunteers, and professional flaggers on the course, but PLEASE REVIEW the course.  In the Olympic distance, there are not thousands of racers out there, so by FOLLOWING THE CROWD may get you lost (it’s happened).
  • Updated Map for Sprint Bike Course
  • Updated Map for Olympic Bike Course

Course Description:

Clackamas River Road is some of the best cycling in the county on a lazy Sunday morning when the traffic is light.  Rolling hills, recently repaved, and a mild elevation gain to the turn around, which makes for a fast return on this out-and-back course.

  1. From the transition area at Clackamette Park, the bike course catches Clackamas River Road, following the river for seven miles and through Carver.  The Sprint Turnaround is prior to Carver, 6 miles in.  It will be clearly marked.
  2. Past Carver, the Olympic Course continues up into the only significant hill on the course before it turns left on Springwater for a turnaround on a lonely road in the middle of farmland, Hattan Road.
  3. The course is rolling hills, with a good one right before the
  4. The return is exactly the same, but faster – gently downhill.

Things to mind: Of course there will be plenty of signage and support, but please remember:

  1. No Drafting.
  2. Be familiar with the map.  They are signs and volunteers throughout the course, but ultimately you are responsible to know where to go.
  3. We will follow USAT rules, although this is not a USAT sanctioned race.  Read here for a quick refresher on USAT rules.
    1. Helmets are mandatory.  No helmet, no race.  Without a helmet, you will not be allowed to continue, seriously.
  4. Be nice to cars and other racers.  All intersections will be controlled to allow racers to pass, but only a mile or so of the bike course is closed to vehicular traffic.

Weird moment in 2013:   Somebody thought it would be a good idea to race without a helmet.  He was pulled from the course.