Cove Development

The Clackamas Cove Triathlon has a deep interest in the development around the Cove.  As of January 2016, the Cove is slated for development beginning in the Spring, and the City of Oregon City is nearly done with permitting.Development_screenshot

You can read the City’s power point presentation for the Cove here, but – as a swimmer and race organizer at the Cove – here are my takeaways.

  1.  Parking and security will improve.
  2. A new city park will improve access into the water.
  3. The site will be re-graded, and it will be intense.  Steep banks along the Cove will mostly disappear.
  4. The City will not permit motorized boats into the Cove.
  5. If the Cove entrance is to be dredged, it is far in the future.  No one has the permits, or the money right now.
  6. Lastly, the construction schedule will determine if we can have race in June.  Please subscribe to our newsletter for current information.

Patrick, race director